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Establishing strengthening and sustaining the development of a strong company not only means deploying resources, expertise and know how but also great determination and confidence in the future. Through all these years of intensive activity and quick expansions, the action towards a common goal to stand out as a strong consistent group, constantly striving for improvement have driven Sapna motor to attain and achieve a leading position in the Indian Motor industry and Simply Brand leading for Milking Machine and Vacuum Pump. 

Sapna Motor, an ISO 9001: 2008 company is the leading Electric Motor Manufacturer in ISI Mark Single Phase Electric Motor with a proven track record of over four decades. 

The last four decades have seen the core business development along with different product lines; Milking Machine, Dry Vacuum Pump, Oil Type Vacuum Pump, Electric Motor other customer specific application. In the manufacture of the milking Machine & motor, a competitive edge lies in providing consistent quality, high reliability with innovative products. Our expansion in Ahmedabad was to address these keys market determinants. The manufacturing set up is sourced out from the world-renowned machinery and technology suppliers with constant up gradations and expansions. 

One vision & One purpose

  • At Simply we have one overriding vision: to enhance the performance of the Indian Agri Industry
  • Our vision is supported by a relentless drive of every individual at Shailesh Enterprise. We are united by one single purpose: to bring together the scope, know-how and determination to transform our clients’ project economics. 

Challenge convention

  • We are establishing new ways of working to enable improved and sustainable results for our clients
  • We are challenging ourselves as well as the practices of our industry: reinventing our technology and approach to projects, innovating end-to-end for greater efficiency. 

Simply Milking Machine

Milking Machine Vacuum Pump which are known for their compact design, reliability and efficient performance, have earned an enviable reputation in a short time. Manufactured with excellent quality raw materials, under the able surveillance of proficient engineers, these pumps are an ideal choice Milking Machine. Our vast after-sales network does ensure trouble-free and ready availability.

Milking Machine Vacuum Pumps are of oil lubricated vane type. The main assembly of the pump comprises of the stator and a rotor mounted in it. Depending upon the model the rotor is fitted with either 4, 6, 8 specially treated fiber vanes which are diametrically opposed to each other and are duly held in rotor slots. When the rotor is made to rotate with the aid of the connected electric motor these vanes move in and out the slots by centrifugal force and slide against the stator walls of the stator pushing thereby the trapped air out of the stator and prompting the atmospheric air to gush in spontaneously to fill in the empty space. Read-More

Simply Milking Machine

Advantages of Milking Machine

  • Easy to Install, Easy to Operate
  • Pleasant to the animal-simulate call sucking
  • Consistent milking practice – Uniform Milking
  • Ensures hygiene and udder health
  • Economical
  • Ideal for small farmers and small / medium dairy firms
  • Help to produce better milk quality
  • Increased productivity through better manpower management
  • Available in fixed type and mobile / trolley type
  • Non polluting i.e. eco-friendly solution
  • Available in single, double, check four and eight buckets
  • Works either on electricity, ampoule inverter based or petro engine
  • Available with bucket and cluster variations
  • Available in belt driven / monoblock type milking machine

Milking Machine Vacuum Pump

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Shailesh Enterprise was founded in 1984 as a manufacturer of Milking Machine and Vacuum Pump for Dairy Industry. The company is one of the leading Manufacturer & Exporters of Milking Machine, Milking Machine Vacuum Pump, Vacuum Pump, Dry Vacuum Pump, Single Phase Electric Motor, & Three Phase Electric Motor. The sincere efforts made jointly by management and skilled workers, it touched great heights. To provide best quality products is the main aim of the company.

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